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Virginia Neurotherapy and Counseling Center, P.C.

Hi! Welcome to Virginia Neurotherapy and Counseling Center, P.C.
The practice of Alan B. Spector, Ph.D., LPC, NCC

Neurotherapy, also known as Neurofeedback or EEG-Biofeedback, is a drug-free, safe, pain-free, non-invasive procedure which trains the brain to operate more efficiently and appropriately. It is a modality of biofeedback that works specifically with brain waves and brain states. It strengthens, calms, and improves stability of the brain.
Neurofeedback is brain-training which, like working out in a gym for physical fitness, results in brain-fitness. The goal of neurotherapy/neurofeedback is to increase or improve mental flexibility. Being able to adjust to environmental or situational demands without having to think about it should be a natural function. However, with conditions such as ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, stress, migraine headaches, brain injury and others, the brain may be "stuck" in a specific brain state or disregulated so that attaining a focus or being able to relax becomes difficult if not impossible.
Think about it - the brain or mental state that we need to access when we concentrate on learning something or when we apply ourselves to a task is quite different from the brain state we need when we are trying to fall asleep. One requires us to be alert and focused, the other requires us to be highly relaxed. Let's take examples with even greater contrast - if you are walking down a dark street at 2:00 AM and you hear a noise behind you, a normal brain/mental state reaction would be to become hyper-vigilant, highly attentive, and alert for danger. Not just a mental, but also a physical reaction would occur. Compare that brain state with one in which you are floating on a tube in a pool of water without a care in the world. You may experience a sense of profound relaxation. Again, both mental and physical reactions occur (the mind and the body are inter-connected). These two events may occur in the same day, and many people are able to shift brain states depending on the situation and the environment. Now, what if you are unable to shift brain states? What if you are experiencing hyper-vigilance when you are floating in the pool and are totally unable to relax, EVER? On the other hand, what if you are in that very unfocused dreamy state and need to be able to concentrate on something which may be very important and you cannot focus, EVER? That is a brain that is stuck or disregulated. This can impact attention, emotional, behavioral, and learning issues in one's life.
Just as automobiles have different gears (park, neutral, low, drive, reverse) in order to respond to road conditions, environments, and situations, the human brain must be able to respond to the needs of the moment, automatically, without effort. Neurotherapy/neurofeedback trains the brain to do just that, naturally, without drugs. In fact, Neurofeedback often reduces the use of medications.

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